Sunday, April 24, 2011

I don't wanna wake up tmr.

No one is gonna read my blog anyway, might as well pour my feelings.
So you blame me for not being a good child and all. Yeah, i freaking cut myself. Because i hate life, am tired of living and scared of dying. Call your self a parent? You can take that and shove it down your ass. I rather die and burn in hell than call you my parent.
REALLY?! SERIOUSLY?! You care more about your fucking face than me losing all my blood and life.
Everytime i see my friend's families. I am so jealous. WHY TH FISH AM I EVEN BORN IN THIS FAMILY?
I hate it here. I hate it on earth. You say i hurt you with my words? Have you ever thought about what you did and said? I bet you can't even remember what happened on th 8th of july last year?
Or what about th 24th of december 2009 i bet you forgot about everything.
But i never. One thing. I will never forget.
You can't even be a good mother, why own earth would i wanna talk to you about my problems? GO TO HELL, AND EAT SHIT.
Even osheana akka, say she'll be here, BLA BLA BLA.
LIARS! I WILL NEVER EVER TRUST ANYONE! AGAIN. Because now i know, by know our whole family tree would have known what happen.


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