Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wish someone would care.

Well, I just wonder if you guys care. To ask me if I'm alright. To call me out when you guys go out. To text me. Guys I just don't want to feel alone. I know it's useless to cry every-night. To wish that one if you can just give me a hug. To show me you care. Maybe to not gossip behind my back if that's possible. Yeah. Laugh at me getting abused. Because it never happened to you. So don't fucking tell me that you understand. Because YOU, fucking don't. Maybe u was just meant to be alone for th rest of my life. Talk to th rest, and not me. I see other good friends. And get envy. All because I'm always left out. I'm always th one that everyone hates. Wish I could just die. So that I don't have to force myself not to cry whenever I'm being left out. Or remember to breath when I realised that I'm not breathing because it's so hard to live. And come back to earth again. Just wish someone will treat me better.


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