Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You could never waste my time.

Now in ICT doing th photo thing. Well can't wait for tmr. it's friday! (:

And i miss keith so much. Have not seen him in a while. Miss th whole cell group. even th inevidable wayne. hahah miss my bed. feel like sleeping now.
its a super short post for today. Oh and i'm sissy.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Clubs can't handle me.

I'll do anything for you. Anything.Back from camp. Sucks big time! ^%@#$%^&@!
No campfire. It was not even like a camp. One person i've to address is MR JIMMY! Not sure when he became so kind. He ask told me why i never buy anything. I nod my head. He ask "You need money?" Than i was like no. Than at th end of camp i was talking to micah. I said i feel like asking my dad to come and fetch me. He said call i said phone no money. Than he gave me his phone to call but i don't want. So kind! hahah. What else. Joyce sleeping over @ my house on sat. One thing i must also say. Joyce i'm glad i have a friend like you. I love you so much. This 7 year friendship has been one of a kind. Ups and down. But we got through it to be where we are now. I love you to hell. No words can't tell how much i love you.Well Daddy bought another sports bike. If i'm not wrong its called super 4. Later i'm gonna take a spin in it. Now waiting for him to come back. And i'm sick now. And it sucks because i may not be able to go for cell group. I wanna go sleep. Wake up, facebook, Tv, Dinner sleep.