Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I want to burn th bad people.

Today i did not go to school. Because i woke up late. Well no regrets. Might be meeting Raymond for lunch tomorrow. Ohya! Keith. I now appoint you as my breakfast eating buddy! :) Can't believe tomorrow is alr thursday! Fast right? hahah. Well i lost my carnival coupon and so i have to pay 25$ if not need to report to police. Might not use th laptop that often anymore. Need to sleep early if not will wake up late like today. I wanna go cotton on and taka! I wanna go get my ed hardy bag pack! (: hahah. This is my plans for th week. Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you will still believe it to be a beautiful place.

1) Thursday 30th- Lunch with raymond. (:

2)Friday 1st July- swensens lunch date with Yijing
- Movie Date eclipse. (Yijing)(Keith)?
- Go visit aunt and her new born baby.

3) Saturday 2nd july- Bring guitar to guitar shop and fix it.

4) Sunday 3rd July-Breakfast with Breakfast buddy at subway. Bacon and egg! :)
-Sunday service with CITY HARVEST! :)
- Lunch with N426!
-Homework date with Homework. ):

Monday, June 28, 2010

First Day back in school.

Well i guess everything went well. Well Me and jia hui went to get her, Her school shoes. So Yeah.
Than today Ms Farah arrange everyone. I'm sitting beside desmond and Eugene, Infront of "Ahem" Larissa. Well so hard to communicate. I just wish someone else could be sitting there. It"s so damn freaking hard. Well I had chicken rice for dinner. Deserts was chocolate cake.haha. was nice actually. Met kristy just now. She's literally too stupid to insult. ^^. She's a bitch. We were talking about hair,shopping,jasmine,cloths,ed hardy, money, and even _ _ _ _ _ _. haha. we were like so grossed out by her. Th hair and all. zomg!. Gonna buy new school bag next week. maybe. I might be buying ed hardy bag. Well school sucks. so yeah. All i wanted to do was just want to pack for school, take a nap, wake up for dinner and facebook and go back to sleep.But than i decided after facebook. I'm gonna watch sisters keepers. And i'm gonna have a blanket over me and stitch!Kristy was th one who lent me th disc. I guess nahvin got his mood back. He just punked me. irratating.haha currently chatting with kristy and nahvin, This might suck abit. so goodnight.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's okay to want someone you can't have. It's okay to keep friendships when you don't want them, or want something more. It's okay to cry when you're hurt, and it's okay to stay mad at someone who hurt you. I believe, somehow it's going to be okay. Well things are gonna be much better tmr.I've promise not to be a murderer of peace and hapiness. I've also promise myself to turn of my lappy by 10 and do my homework. Not sure what time i'm gonna turn in today. To my comfortable bed and thick blankets called squishy and not to mention th cold nights. Lappy getting hot now. I've only got half and hour to spare. Wonder what's gonna happen. I realise that i still have english summary and tamil homework to do. I just realise th june holidays taught me so much things far beyond what i expected. Well might be going shopping with daffy either this week or next week. She got her drivers license. So long suckers! While you guys needa take th mrt. I'm gonna go shopping around singapore in a car! ^^ . hahah, I'm gonna be less hyper when i get back to school. Feel so moodless now adays. well 10 more minutes till lappy gotta sleep.
And i'll be doing my homework while drinking slurpy. i'm sick and this sucks, goodnight.

Too hard to trust.

Okay. Someone just made me realise that after th incident i've learnt not to trusts anyone.
And when i say anyone i meant that includes mummy and daddy. I only trust God. (:
I love ducks. "QUACK" "QUACK". Okay random. HOLIDAYS ARE OVER!
They officially expire at 12AM tonight, Say goodbye to freedom. computers, going out.
Well actually i can still go out on sundays! YEAH! (:
No more late nights. No more late nights on th phone with joyce. No more no more.
Well I think greyson chance will be th next justin bieber! Well both are hott too.
I like th glee cover of po po poker face! HAHAH
Okay mummy wants me to do something now.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Well. I just can't bring myself to hate you.

I know You're not everything that i wanted.

ZOO Was just Zoo-riffic.
HAHAHWell what can i say?It's great when you have people you love all around you.
WAYNE NG! IS A IDIOT WHO LIKES TO MAKE FUN OF PEOPLE! He maked fun of th way i pronounced relative! ._.
I don't care!met Joyce in th morning
,then samuel , wayne , jared , jacob , matthew , jaedon .i guess .then met raymond and shaun .
met johnathan and his cell group .
finally to the Zoo !
saw many many many animals .
we walk till leg wobble . .
Wayne just like to disturb people -.-do you know .we have to queue an hour for KFC .
i was damn shag !
after everything .Oh and have you ever saw a monkey with a colorful butt?!Well i did. It was like damn colorful. HAHAH
Let th pictures do th talking now! (:

Monday, June 14, 2010


Well i still don't get why people would RACK up th past.
Everything is so quiet and Okay. And all of a sudden there is this person who 'POPS' out from nowhere and starts racking up th past.

Doctor Phill Pringle said:
Why is th windscreen of th car Bigger than th rear view mirror?
It's because we have to keep looking at th future. Not th past.
We are to see Th happy things of th future and not be affected by what happened in th past.
I should be really fortunate to actually be in a place where they love me for who i am.
And They won't be so unresonable to actually think th way some people do.
Man. I guess not everybody is perfect. so why blame them?
Can't get th full story without actually sitting down with a cup of coffee in star bucks or coffee bean.And talking everything out. Well I've disappointed Daniel in a way.You can't blame me. And I'm happy in a way now. I LOVE CITY HARVEST! (:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Don't rack up th past.

Hey hey!
Missed me?Well i'm gonna do th right thing now.

By saying.
Happy 14th Birthday to Larissa.
Many more Years and Surprises on th way.
Actually it's a belated wishing.
I really don't care if you still hate me.
I don't care if you are now someone i use to know.
I don't care if you are so pissed off that you're gossiping about me.
I don't care if you call me a bitch because it's a compliment.
I don't care if You're happy without me because i'm happy for you,
So, Happy birthday. (:Well. Pastor Phill pringle said today. Smile at th trials. (:
So That's what i'm doing. Smiling at th trials.
And he also said that Trials are to make you stronger not Weaker
Well I'll take this incident as a trial. And out of this i'll grow stronger in faith i know i will.
Today was a great day except for th fact that Keith is in USA and Joyce is in MALAYSIA and Daniel is in HONG KONG! All Left me alone in singapore. ):
I hope they will be back fast. (:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Karata kid!

Well I've been going out with Joyce alot.I miss th night where me Joyce and michelle were laughing about some people.HAHAHA
But than Eli was kinda angry, She thought we were noisy.
HAHAHA.Well.I suddenly miss everybody.YeahYou, You, You! hahaha
I miss their Smiles, Jokes, Company and all.
I miss michelle. I miss Joyce. I miss Keith. I miss nahvin. I Miss Sharania. ):
But i'll be seeing her Thursday.

Monday, June 7, 2010



sat , 5th June .

went to meet Joyce at white sands.
Then off to Tampines .
Finding present for Shawn. We Found it! He liked it! (:
after that went to the playground .
Ate lollipop .
First , its nice , then its super sweet .
then we got sick of it .
we threw it away .
went to Toysarus , saw some weird stuffs .
Lalala .
on the way to the bus stop ,
Samuel and Kenneth tapped on our shoulder .
surprised to see them .
they are meeting , Yi Jing ,Shawn and Auggie .
so , we went along .
go playground again to wait for them .
planned for dee ambush .
Haha .
so , Shawn and Yi jing lie down on the slide .
me and Joyce came down and SCARED them .
around 10 plus go home .
Tired tired .
slept at 2 .

Woke up at 7.30 .
Meet Joyce, Elizabeth, Michy , Zong Han, Yiling
booked seats at delta arena 02 .
service ended super early .
So went home first eat lunch
then to Downtown .
go Shawn's chalet (Y)
the room is damn far!
Than go there Shawn keep asking present like small boy. ^^
and i was staying over ;D
Exciting muchhh .
Joyce brought her piglet .
wanted to swim , but lazy .
hmm , alright ,
went back to the chalet .
they already started BBQ-ing .
smoking hot !
ate, but not so much.
then Joyce got send yiling with yijing to bus stop .
when yijing and her came back ,
i Went walking walking with keith! (L)
Than by th time joyce came back cut th cake alr!
many people left .
after that ,
we nothing to do , so we sat in a circle outside .
Benji plays the guitar .
then there is like a sing a long session .
i like i like .
suddenly got one Indian guy came and say .
hello , its after 11.30 no guitars or loud noises please .
or not , blahblahblahblahblah .
its one of the security .
Michelleand Eli came :D
okay , then the guys played games and drink vodka ,
or something .
me and eccleshia bbq-ed for Michelle and Eli :D
anyways , there is one guy there .
he is creepy .
i dun care if he is reading this now or what .
is he being too friendly , or trying to flirt ?
GOSH , gross .
but , im really scared .
when ever he was around ,
Joyce ran away .
then soon , Samuel they all know .
She did not dare to see him .
but anyways ,
when i heard he is leaving , we damn happy .
when me and eccleshia is bbq-ing for Eli and Mich ,
he came to Joyce , ask me if can help him take photo ,
She said , No .
he say , with the birthday boy , help him .
She said , no , i busy .
then she turn away .
then shet old me , their is so many other guys who is so free ,
in front of him , why ask me ,
when im busy .
freaky siah .
She felt so insecure suddenly .
He is really really really SCARY D:
okayokay , after that .
in the room ,
Jeremy , Eccleshia , Michelle and me played ,
monopoly deal .
the card game .
at first , we didnt know how to play the game .
then gradually , i actually was losing ! ):
I felt sad .
cause Everybody keep collecting rent from me!
Than i no money .
but at the end , guess what , I WON! (:
then she happy loh .
went down to see the going-to-drunk guys .
alil sot alr .
went up ,
laughed about some people alive .
then fall asleep.
Damn freaking tired .
i dunno walk for how many hours .
slept at 3 .
Th day before also sleep late!

DAMN TIRED! Came back from chalet. Left Eli and Michy! At th chalet.
They waiting for JEREMY! To came back. Mean whiled they were sleeping.
Eli got beauty sleep!
Than 11 plus me, Joyce go eat early lunch before Going back.
Joyce don't need to return th money. (;
haha Was damn tired. than came back fight fight with daddy and mummy.
Than I went to sleep.
Because i was damn tired!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

L.O.V.E ?

Cinderella walked on broken glass. Sleeping beauty let a whole lifetime pass. Belle fell in love with a hideous beast. Jasmine married a common thief. Ariel walked on land for love and life. Snow white barely escaped a knife. It was all about blood, sweat, and tears, because love means facing your biggest fears.


I just woke up.
Zhong han called me lazy pig. :(
Later meeting Joyce PINGPONG! (:
We going to buy present for shawn! (Shooooooo)
Cannot tell!
Currently chatting with Nahvin!

When you really look into th stars you'll realised that th stars aren't Really white nor yellow.
There colour of love, Red, Blue,


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Second post of th day!

I'm not bringing it up on any sudden notices.
I just remembered it. I post it. I did it.
So why worry so much when you think you're not in th wrong?
Guilty conscious?
Am i seeing mistakes in it?
I'm just asking a question. You're th one freaking out so much.
Fine. Than so be it!.

What a hassle!
Life is so boring.
Replied to whatever she told me and said.
Still, what yijing and daniel and shawn said was true.
Should i or should i not?
Give in?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I still don't get it.

What is all this about?
All this fights? About revenge? I still don't get it. Make your sentence simpler please.
So did you or did you not wanted revenge?

Anyway. I'm not sure how Cherlyn would have felt after reading this. But i know daniel is proud and i'm sure th rest are too. ^^
Oh. About th musical. It went really great.
If you just say that it was screwed up how would i feel?
We put our heart and soul into it and you can simply say it was actually screwed up?
We all felt really proud of ourselves.
There was a few mistakes but thank God that we did not ROBERT on our part!
Anyway need to go eat my lunch soon!
But th thing is relationships are so complicated. we won't know how far it may last

Dear Larissa:

Do you remember th time when your dad did not come home?
And you got all scared?
You called me?
You asked me advice? I was happy that you called.
When we were meeting HIM, I woke up early in th morning? Just so i can accompany you?
I could have slept later. But instead?
Oh and what about th time when i ignored all of you? And you sided with me too?
At th sports stadium?
Oh all these days. When i was by your side? You properly did not think much on how far our relationship will go.
Raymond once told me, Don't seek to win a fight and loose a relationship.
I did not think much.
But daniel said that he does not expect us to be friends again. But just clear th misunderstanding.
Oh and what about th happy times when we went to church? We went out? Block catching?
Th guy outside of th lift door? All this good memories?
I don't care if we have both disappoint each other, especially me.
But what i'm most unhappy about is that I've disappoint th cell group by fighting with you and not allowing them to see you,Gloria,Cherlyn.
And especially to yijing,Joyce and Sandy. They very much wanted to see th 3 off you again. But because of my stupidity and idotic-ness they could not.
And i'm sorry N426.
Especially Joyce. Yijing. Raymond. Daniel.
But when you wanted someone i was there, When you was Sad i was there. When you were sad i was there. But now look. When i need you, you just walked away.
Andi really don't expect you to be reading this and going awwwww.
But what i do want is for you to just understand that Im Not Perfect, I'll Annoy You, Say Stupid Stuff, But I'll Always Love You ♥
Oh and. I'm sorry i can't be perfect.
Oh I'll always love you just like Jesus loves me even after all th stupid acts.
It's okay if you still hate me. But I'll still love you forever more. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do you believe in miracles? Because i need one right now

Wait. You said that you were sick? i was also sick on that day you know?
On th day of th musicle and on sunday.
I'm not blaming anyone.
You're th one who is assuming that i'm blaming you.
I'm not even blaming God.
At least you could have told me?
You could have replied to my sms?
You wanted revenge FOR?
Bull shit much?
If revenge is all you want than take all th revenge you want.
I'm not gonna give a shit anymore.
You could have answered my calls?If i ignored you i would have sit with keith.
I would not have taken your cookie in hunger.
I would not have told you everything i had about that morning?
Or were you afraid to tell me?
Please you say you want to back out?
Go on.
Back out.